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with Demographic Targeting Options available for both search and display networks. We do a variety of Market-Research:

Everyone has a Google Page One Story… What’s Yours?                  ANONYMOUS?  No-one can find you or get confused with a similar name… AWFUL?? or etc. Bad Reviews hurting you?  AWESOME??? Complete control of Page One Google with Positives on You!! can make Your Good Name… AWESOME!!


Call:  Timothy Hunter 1 (725) 221-1731

We Remain a Certified Paid-Media Planner & Account Strategist, w/ Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Yahoo Native, Facebook, MarinSoftware, HubSpot and More.

#PageOnePlease provides ‘White-Hat’, Digital Media Planning/ Management Services

We have managed over +$10,000,000 real dollars just in the past 4 years on all major channels.

Page One of Google Matters = 91% of Searchers do not go past Page One

Everyone has a Google Page One Story…   What’s Yours?

Anonymous, Awful or AWESOME?… We Make it Awesome!!