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Media Planning

I personally hate the word cookie cutter when it’s applied to digital media and business strategy. Your business is different and even if it’s exactly the same as others in your verticle, my objective is to clearly differentiate you and them. I want your brand remembered not just lost in non-branded industry search. How do we make you stick? Well this is a forte. Whether you are recovering from overseas products and left unhappy customers all over your digital brand or attacking the non-branded industry terms we make sure you’re on par with your competition. The managing team at PageOnePlease.com has managed over 10 Million dollars in real paid advertising dollars real ad-spend on Google, Yahoo Bing and Facebook. We not only know the plays that are most relevant we know how to make them most effective. I encourage you to invest a phone call with us we promise to exceed not only your consultation expectations but we can full scale launch your brand, product or service into the market place at a astonishing speed. Give me a call (702) 506-1351 – Ryan Hunter President of PageOnePlease.com lets draw up a media package that makes since! I look forward to speaking with you.