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Real Estate Buyer Campaigns for Real Estate Agents & Brokers.

Real Estate Marketing is the foundation of a successful real estate business. IF you have used marketing agencies who focus in real estate marketing in the past you may have some idea of what you can expect however if you have not had the luxury of having used a specialty-focused real estate marketing company you may not even be aware of what is possible. Why should I listen to you??? I have personally managed real estate marketing campaigns for over 300 different real estate brokerages pay-per-click campaigns, throughout the US. While managing the brokers PPC campaigns I lowered the average CPL by over -24% also increased the lead volume by +22 this is just a combined average of all 300 some brokerages. I personally managed the largest high-volume real estate team at Keller Williams the bob lucido group, exit realty, and so many more brokerages just like these. I can help you get real qualified leads at a volume you may have only visualized in the past. Not just leads that are there to show a number compared to a past date but actual in-market people ready to buy. There are many levels of prequalification that go into your campaign architecture that really minimize the room for failure.