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Real Estate Marketing that drives high-quality leads for Realtors, Real Estate Agents and Brokers.

As someone who has bought and sold over 50 houses in my lifetime, I was always dawn to the power of advertising. In 2001 I was buying and selling houses in Auckland, New Zealand using NewsPaper ads in the NZ Herald and snipe signing all of the north islands with the good’ ole “we buy houses” sign.

We now can create very powerful real estate marketing campaigns, built around all property types, price points and areas you want to get leads for we have followed Google’s and Facebook recommendations for Real Estate digital advertising and marketing with Google and Facebook ads

Partner with a Digital Marketing company that has specialized in real estate marketing since 2001.

A well planned out Search Engine Marketing strategy for Realtors will include

Real Estate Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we want your brand on the front page of Google when you’re googling your brand and your non-brand keywords. Local SEO is one of the most fundamental areas for starting your digital marketing strategy so that your brand always appears where you want search results.

Real Estate Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which leverages Pay-Pay-Click (PPC) as a means to drive highly relevant in-market leads looking to buy or sell in your brokerage. Pay Per Click strategy.
Real Estate Web-Design Services

Real Estate is generally highly competitive and you need a website that converts those potential buyers or sellers into transactions. Don’t let your website the reason why you’re not getting leads. We’re highly experienced in real estate marketing websites and are one of the most affordable options. We’re able to keep are real estate webdesign services affordable because of we privately own PageOnePlease and do not need to pay investors. Don’t get ripped off paying tens of thousands of dollars on a websites