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(904) 760-9917


Las Vegas, Nevada

(904) 760-9917

Las Vegas, Nevada


Pay Per Click – Adwords Management: Las Vegas, Nevada.

Certified Pay Per Click Google Ads management agency – PPC, Search & Display Automation & Consulting

Pay Per Click Services call (904) 760-9917 I have personally built over 1000 PPC marketing campaigns – I can look at a campaign and in less than a few minutes tell you why you CPC’s are too high, why your conversions are over $100 I can lower your CPC by raising your QS in turn lowering your CPA I take a massive amount of responsibility in the way Google Ads campaigns work properly. I have a extremely reasonable adwords management fee of 15% of the total spend – I have seen and worked on pay per click accounts that the management fee is 45% a month of a 6 figure budget – to me that is unjustified – I have high-quality insights into PPC management on high-level accounts on all paid search advertising platforms Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, Twitter and Instagram – I have managed Millions of dollars of real small business owners money, online marketing campaigns put dinner of the table for hundreds of thousands of businesses in America – how do you spend millions of dollars advertising with small businesses? when you have built over 1000 Google Ads marketing campaigns since 2012 the small business ad spend starts to add up. Please reach out to me at pageoneplease@gmail.com or (904) 760-9917 for your own personal Las Vegas, NV raised Pay Per Click – Paid Search Expert and Digital Advertising Consultant

Pay Per Click advertising can come off as a bit daunting at first sound –

why would I want to pay per click – well 1 you can turn traffic on in a instance not just traffic but highly targeted traffic – 2 the starting CPC and CPA is not the end all be all with AdWords the art of the campaign is in the revisions – adding competitor keywords to list to make them not appear with your keywords refining keyword match types and a/b testing ad quality ad-words depending on your PPC management can be very simple or dynamic depending on the conversion – PPC shouldn’t be stressful it should only be fun a certified adwords expert will tell you what they can expect with your avg conversion rate on your ROI this is just to get the ball rolling while other long term advertising avenues are structured and implemented. 

Make sure your adwords expert is certified

there is a huge difference between kinda of knowing and passing the 6 / 90 question exams Google is not playing around when it comes to small businesses having a good experience with the adwords platform thus the adwords partner exams – I have all of them – let’s schedule a call via email and we shall plan the marketing campaign that changes your life.

Campaign structure so important to advertising platforms that doing it wrong from the start will end up costing you 20-40% more per click pushing your conversion cost’s through the roof – If you are a adwords expert already and are just seeking some consultation, don’t be shy I love just talking about ideas and best use or if you are thinking your business fits into the google adwords advertising slot and not sure of what to do next I’d love to speak with you about outcomes.

Proudly serving all of Las Vegas, Nevada – Call (702) 506-1351 or email PageOnePlease@gmail.com

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